User Training and Education Outreach

User Training

Pawsey offers a variety of trainings to its users to help bridge the gap between research and high performance computing. This includes:  

  • Introductory courses to Pawsey, supercomputing, cloud computing, and visualisation, and
  • Advanced courses on MPI, OpenMP and GPU programming.

For more information see User Training

Education Outreach

To help build skills in computational science, Pawsey offers:

  • Internships: 10-week Program. Interns are matched to challenging research projects supervised by leading researchers, using the world-class supercomputing resources at Pawsey. 
  • Learn@Pawsey. This one-stop data shop supports the exploration of real data - your data - collected from surveys. 
    • Sleep. Create real class "sleep data' via the sleep survey. Create your own graphs. Hear from Sleep Scientists. Investigate the impacts of exercise, diet, and technology (your phone!) on sleep.
    • Trees & Satellites. In development. Coming soon!    

For more information see Education Outreach

Additional Events 

Pawsey also organises events, such as Communities of Practice panels, conferences, and specialist seminars. 

For information on upcoming events, see the Pawsey Events page. To receive regular updates, join the Pawsey Friends mailing list.