Synchronising data

This page shows you how to synchronise your data between Acacia and another storage space. 

To synchronise your data using rclone, use the rclone sync command:

> rclone sync <SOURCE> <TARGET>


  • <SOURCE> is the path to the directory or bucket or pseudo folder to synchronise.
  • <TARGET> is the path to the directory or bucket or pseudo folder to which mc copies synchronised <SOURCE> objects.
  • (Remember to use a colon ":" after the PROFILE_NAME in the paths related to Acacia)

Output is a list of all copied objects during the synchorinisation (only when using the --verbose option):

<DATE> INFO : object : Copied (new)

Client support

  • Be aware that rclone sync forces the target to be identical to the source. This implies DELETING files that already exist in the target but that are not present in the source. (If you want to preserve existing files in the target directory then use the rclone copy command.)
  • The --dry-run option can be used to verify that only the desired objects will be synchronised.
  • When synchronisation involves the transfer of a large amount of files, it is recommended to use the --transfers <N> option. Our recommended number of concurrent transfers is N=12.
  • rclone sync will skip the copy of identical files that are in the source but also already in the target. We recommend to always use the --checksum option, which will use the MD5SUM as criteria for verifying identical files.

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